Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

Rotary vane vacuum pumps are well suited to extracting dry gases. The pumps can only be used to a limited extent for humid gases. Due to relatively low investment costs and the low installation effort, this type of pump is attractive for simple vacuum applications.
The rotary vane pump belongs to the group of compressor pumps. Sliders are guided in the eccentrically arranged rotor, which are applied outwards to the suction chamber wall by the rotation. With slides made of graphite, the pumps work oil-free. Oil is used as a sealing and lubricating medium in the pumps for low pressure ranges. Two- and three-stage pumps reach final pressures up to the fine vacuum range.
The rotary vane pumps find a wide range of applications in the packaging industry, as well as in holding and lifting devices. They are also often used in laboratory technology because of the low installation effort. Oil-sealed pumps are also used for these processes as backing pumps for Roots pumps.
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