Human Rights Policy

ARPUMA GmbH, as part of the Atlas Copco Group, is a worldwide manufacturer and distributer of all types of vacuum solutions.

Responsibility for the implementation of our Human Rights Policy is controlled by top management and the business area presidents.

Under this approach, we ensure that each area of our company is aware of its responsibility to respect human rights in its day-to-day operations.

We fully commit to upholding the high social, ethical and ecological values as outlined in Atlas Copco’s Code of Conduct (Highest ethical standards).

We require all our business partners to comply with this Code of Conduct in the same way that we do.

We regularly review and analyze our business relationships in this regard. Our risk management ensures that possible violations against our Code of Conduct will be reviewed with the business partner and countermeasures will be implemented.

Our misconduct system, SpeakUp (Reporting misconduct – Atlas Copco Group) is open to anyone who feels there has been a violation of values.