Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

The liquid ring vacuum pump is excellently suited to extracting gases with high condensable fractions. Depending on the pump type, liquids and contaminants are even permitted on the suction side to a limited extent.
The liquid ring vacuum pump belongs to the group of compressor pumps. The impeller is arranged eccentrically in the housing and rotates without contact in the suction chamber. The same liquid that accumulates on the process side can be used as the sealing liquid between the individual compressor cells. Due to its robust and simple design, the pump has a very long service life. The wear parts, such as the shaft bearing and mechanical seal, have installation dimensions according to DIN and are easy to change.
The liquid ring vacuum pump is available in one and two-stage versions. Single-stage pumps are particularly suitable for evacuation processes and work very effectively in the high pressure range. Two-stage liquid ring vacuum pumps are primarily used in continuous processes in the low-pressure range, for example in distillation processes or as a backing pump for a Roots pump.
By controlling the pump drive with a frequency converter, both pressure control and energy savings can be easily implemented.
High-quality material pairings also enable the extraction of highly corrosive media. We will be happy to help you select the right pump for your application.