Air Ejectors

The basic principle of jet pumps is that a liquid or gaseous propulsion jet emerges from a nozzle at high speed, entraining and accelerating the liquid, gas or solid from its surroundings.
The field of activity of Arpuma GmbH is limited to vacuum pumps, whereby only gas jet, steam jet and liquid jet vacuum pumps are used from the large group of jet pumps. The gas jet vacuum pump is often operated in combination with a liquid ring vacuum pump. In this way, the suction pressure of the liquid ring vacuum pump can be further reduced, which is often necessary in drying processes, for example. Another application is the use together with liquid ring vacuum pumps that are operated with operating liquids with high vapor pressures.
As the name suggests, steam and liquid jet vacuum pumps use steam or a liquid as the driving medium. High-quality material pairings also enable the extraction of highly corrosive media. We will be happy to help you select the right pump for your application.